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Chinese New Year is less than a month. Have you guys bought your cookies, sweets, nuts, bak gua, cakes (all the festive food) and etc. The list can go on and on. My favorite Chinese new year goodies are the pineapple tarts. It is a once a year goodies that I must have for the festival.  I love those homemade traditional pineapple tarts where the pineapple filling is on top of the crust. The fillings must not be too sweet or dry and the crust must not be too soft. Any recommendation for nice pineapple tarts? It is also one of my wish to learn how to make delicious pineapple tarts. Since now I have more time on my own, my gal friend and i had arranged to learn the baking of the pineapple tarts. I guess baking pineapple tarts is not an easy task as a lot of time and effort is required. Hopefully I can master the skill of baking nice delicious tarts. I will definitely share the tips of baking good tarts in my next post when I have attended the pineapple tart baking class.  


Stay tune for more post on pineapple tarts making. ūüôā

PeanutButter and Banana Toast

Thick toasted bread with bananas and whipped cream coated with peanut butter and maple syrup. It was awesomely delicious and tasty.   A modernise way of having your toasted bread instead of the traditional thin slice of toasted bread spread with kaya or peanut butter.  

Peanutbutter and Banana Toast


I really love the concept of nice, cosy restaurant under the HDB flat. Some of these restaurant serve nice and affordable food. Recently, frog and I had found out this restaurant at sunset way. It is near our work place so we went there for our dinner. A very cosy well decorated restaurant under the HDB flat. The serving of the food is big and delicious. Nice ambience too. 


I really love the see through glass shelve where all the cakes, pies and desserts are kept. The pastries and dessert look very appealing and appetizing and we feel like trying out all of them.

Here comes our drinks and food



Chicken and Suasage Combo with two chioces of side dishes 

 Suasage that is not salty and it taste great!

Not forgeting the dessert to end off our meal

 Apple and Rhubarb crumble 


I really love the dessert Apple and Rhubarb crumble. It is baked apple and rhubarb toped with almond crumble and vanilla ice cream. This desert is not too sweet and I really love the combination of the ingredients. Warm baked apple and rhubarb together with cold ice cream. A must try!


Overall, the price of the food is reasonable as the restaurant do not charge GST and service charge. They do have alfresco seating too overlooking a peaceful and serene forest. A very good place for friends gathering to relax and catching up with one another.¬†We will definitely go there again. ūüôā


Here is the link of the resturant:



For Durian puffs Lover. You either hate it or love it:

 Durian puff with real durian fillings and not too sweet too. Nice!

Picture means a thousand words… Must try.

I love it. ūüôā


Heard of bean curd tarts? Frog had bought this from le café at middle road for us to try. It had the shape of an egg tart but the filling is replaced with silky smooth beard curd. It comes with different flavour like grass jelly and almond bean curd tart. It is definitely a healthier alternative to egg tart. Taste yummy, soothing and refreshing. The crust is crispy and delicious too.





Here is the link of lecafe:



As usual Christmas celebration for my poly best buddies is held @ the 2nd week of December. It is difficult to get all the gals together as each of us had our own commitments and stuffs to do. But we will always make an effort to make it for this gathering. This year theme is red and green!   

I had decided to bake cranberry raisin muffins for them as a small gift from me on top on the gift exchange present. 


 Muffins with lots of colourful stars on top of them 



Colourful Muffins… Ho ho ho merry christmas!!

¬†Final Product…¬†



Cranberries and raisins in the muffin

Finally wrap them up as a christmas gift. Hopefully this will give some ideas 

of what to give for Christmas present.